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Have you ever wondered how to verify your Facebook™ page and receive the grey or blue badging? As a business page on Facebook™ you are eligible to receive the grey verification badge and as an eligible brand, media organization or public figure the blue verification badge is available but that is exclusively chosen by Facebook™ and there is nothing that you can do on your end.

The benefit of receiving the appropriate badge is that your page will show up higher in search bar results as well as adding credibility to your social media account.

We have laid out the steps that you will need to complete in order to verify your business page:

First you are going to head over to your SETTINGS

On the right side of the page you will see PAGE VERIFICATION


Now you can either enter a phone number that Facebook™ will call within a few minutes and then give you a pin code which you will have to enter on the pop up

If the pin code or phone verification does not work properly, you will be given the chance to verify your page with official business documents that you can scan and then upload for their review

We hope this helps and as always if you have any questions
Do not hesitate to contact us directly 718-578-6073 or via email [email protected]


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