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Social Media Steps For Businesses to Make it Through CoronaVirus

Whether you are a small business, a restaurant, an autodealer, a clothing store, a hair salon, a catering hall, or just about any other business in the country – you have felt the impact of the current COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) that has swept the world. If you have not shut down your business completely, you are no doubt dealing with a workaround on how to stay open, reach your customers or simply stay afloat. 

These are unchartered times for any current business owner and absolutely unchartered times for a business owner in the era of Social Media. There are absolutely businesses out here that cannot and frankly should not open in times like this BUT there is an abundance of steps that you can take to stay in front of your audience and customer base. We hope in the sections below to provide you with options that might be right for you and your business during this time of the great unknown. 

For the Restaurant Owner:

For the AutoDealers:

For the Clothing Store Owner:

For the Hair Salon Owner:

For the Catering Hall Owner:

As you can see there are quite a few methods and tactics that you can deploy and to be clear,  this is literally just the ip of the iceberg in regards to what you and your business can do to stand out in this time. While other businesses are standing still and sitting tight, you can get your name and brand out to the masses. Of course it is always a good idea to send an email to your list because email marketing should not be thrown to the side, but please do not send multiple emails if there is no status change to your business. Every business is sending out email updates but some are excessive and this will in the end, turn your customers away.

We hope that some of these tactics spark an idea for you and your business to move forward during this time. There is no doubt that once the instability and the unknown passes, we are sure to see a surge in consumer spending. When the consumer comes out, it should be your sole goal to be on their mind. If you are active during this time when EVERYONE is on Social Media they WILL see your content. Now the question is, will you be the brand that they want to do business with or will your competitor?

If there is something we missed or something that is not clear or you are frustrated being in the house and want to talk about your business, send us an email or give us a call at 718-578-6073.

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