Digital Marketing Customer Journey


Curating social media content on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis is just one aspect of what our team does in regards to building your Digital Marketing plan. Providing our team with who your ideal customer is allows us to conduct market research to determine your ideal avatar. We then create a full  digital marketing strategy to target your customer everywhere digital. Our marketing team determines the proper platform and digital space that your customer spends the most time. Both organic content and paid content are created and deployed across social media and the internet. Partnering with our digital marketing push is our behind the scenes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work on your website along with a PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads campaign. With your already built email marketing list, we begin pushing out a fully integrated email marketing campaign to engage current customers through a top of the line funnel and push them through the email flow on their path to purchase. 


There is nothing worse than having a customer list and not knowing where the customer is in their buying journey? Are they a new lead? Which member of your team has already reached out to them? Has anyone reached out to them? Is this customer someone that bought product A that we can now reach out to and tell them about the upgrade to this product and sell them product B? Has this customer opened their email? The questions are endless and unless you have a proper CRM you will continue to lose out on increasing your sales and losing the top of the funnel customers. Our team takes your customer information and builds out a proper work flow to allow your team to build in proper notes, data and allows you to adjust on the fly. Customers who are well aware of your product/business do not want to receive a welcome email every 5 days, let’s get you set up on the winning track.


Our team will build out a sales funnel starting with your coldest customer all of the way down to your #1 customer. Our proven technique starts at the top of the funnel nurturing all of your leads through the buying journey. Complete with lead generating activities to include email lead generation, contests and newsletters, our team can build the ideal email marketing flow for your business.  

top down email funnel complete with cold email sequences through your most lo


Our team will create engaging static images and video that are On Brand to your current marketing content efforts. Our team of designers has the ability to handle all of your revisions as necessary to make sure your content is above and beyond what your expectations area. This content is for use on all Digital Marketing Platforms. Whether your content needs to be pushed live to Instagram Story, Instagram feed, Facebook newsfeed, or Tik Tok, your images and video will never look better. We utilize all proper design dimensions for each corresponding platform so that your content is not cropped in any way and your audience will experience your content in full. 


Have your customers become your biggest advocates. By delivering quality content and products, allow your customers to scream your praise from the rooftops. Through quality engagement tactics, your customers will leave favorable social media online reviews, repost your content and tag their friends within your social media posts. Our process has been in place for over a decade of social media marketing work, with pivots and alterations for each social media network as changes to algorithms take place. 


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