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Will Social Distancing Become the New Norm?

How will social distancing impact social media and businesses?

We have been hearing the term Social Distancing a lot lately and being a Social Media Marketing Agency we are getting a lot of questions about this phrase and how it will relate to local and national businesses.

Social Distancing can be explained a bit more over at Hopkins Medicine so we will not get into it here. With that being said, we are living in a world of Social Media. As much as everyone lives a life on Social Media that is either real or a facade, there are millions of businesses that require the medium to promote their business to the masses. They rely on Social Media gatherings to drive revenue that will allow them to pay their employees, pay vendors, and provide an outlet to millions of people. 

We have heard from quite a few real estate agents that their open houses are obviously cancelled or postponed. Business cannot and should not cease due to the current state of the country. There are individuals that still need to make a residential and/or commercial real estate purchase. With individuals not looking to visit many public places and in some locations the agent is not even allowed to hold an open house, there is NO BETTER time to make sure your properties are available for viewing via video methods. Showcasing your properties now will also set you apart from other agents who will just accept the fact that we are not supposed to be in large social gatherings. Let those agents practice their Xbox or Playstation skills while you develop your craft and set yourself apart from everyone else. 

✅Have you gone LIVE on Facebook with a tour?

✅Have you reached out to your buyers, asked them their needs and must haves and then made personalized video walkthroughs of the property?

✅Have you even gone as far as Facetimed the potential buyer from the property and gone into detail about the amenities of the property?

There are so many opportunities to continue business as is with minor disruptions. If you have never created a video walk through before or even thought of doing this Message us and we can provide more specific answers on how to improve your visual repertoire and really stay ahead of other brokers that are not and will not make this next step.

There are also so many businesses that are shutting their doors which they should be as per state and county rules but they also need to stay top of mind on Social Media. With so many people quarantining themselves in their residences, they are watching movies and going on Social Media to talk about what they are watching, they’re complaining about being cooped up in their apartment/house but you better believe that these individuals are on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, WhatsApp, SnapChat and other mediums. To completely shut down Social Media marketing and advertising as a whole would be an absolute incorrect mood. By posting relevant content when it fits, advertising feel good Memes or images and engaging with guests/customers in comments you are sure to stay in the front of their minds when these restrictions are lifted as well as you will continue to grow your following during a down time when other businesses are slowing down.

Now is the time to grow. Now is the time to create your content for next season. Now is the time to update your website. Now is the time to map out the rest of your year. Any way you look at it, Now Is The Time. 

If you have any questions about how YOUR Business can grow during this time please feel free to reach out below.



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