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Facebook Messenger Bots

When was the last time your email campaign had an open rate of over 40% or 60% or 80%? How about an open rate of over 90% for your business?

We would assume that an email campaign over 90% has never happened for your business?

For one of our clients we had created an active list of 96 subscribers that had opted into receiving messages. We sent out a broadcast message to these subscribers.

93 of the 96 messages were delivered and we had an open rate of 91.4%!!

We were able to segment our list to meet certain criteria that the user had funneled into upon opting into the funnel, we referred to them as a Fan as they were also fans of the client Facebook Page. Based on how they fell into the funnel and how we segmented those users, we are able to send specific and highly targeted messages to certain users.

Not only does Facebook Messenger Bots increase open rates but setting up your messenger bot correctly will provide your Business Page with a Green Badge and alert users that your page is Very Responsive. This allows your customers and potential customers to trust that your business is quick to reply and also builds trust with your audience as they know that they can reach out to you with an inquiry and you are not ignoring them

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