Facebook Messenger Ads Are Here..

Are you using Facebook™ Messenger ads to assist in your business?

Let's break down what a Facebook™ Messenger ad actually is:

  • A status update that is created from your Business Page
  • The update requests the viewer of the ad to comment below
  • After a user comments, there is an autoresponder Bot that sends them a prebuilt message to their Facebook™ Messenger
  • The message that is sent to them will confirm that they are opting into receive a messenger message
  • The next autogenerated message from your Business Page will start the conversation
  • Within the conversation you are able to ask questions and provide multiple choice answers and based on the response given by the user, they will receive a response from the Business Page that is predetermined for their specific answer


Your business is a restaurant. You run a Messenger ad asking people if they would like to receive a 10% off of dinner coupon? In order to receive the coupon, they have to comment on the post. Once they comment, the Business Page sends them a Facebook™ Message. Once opened the user would have to type in a trigger word and then automatically the Business Page replies with the coupon.


The BONUS to all of this, now that the user has entered into the Facebook™ Messenger conversation, you can now add them to Broadcast messages and subscriber lists through Facebook™ Messenger.


Click below and see how ChairmanPromotions, Inc has implemented Facebook™ Messenger.