Mobile Newsfeed Changes August 2019 - ChairmanPromotions

Are you advertising on Facebook? If so, are you aware of the changes that are coming to the Mobile Newsfeed placement?

Static images as well as videos will now be 4:5 aspect ratio from the 2:3 aspect ratio.

Along with this change, the biggest update will be that you will only be seeing 3 lines of text before the SEE MORE…. appears. (for more on this report – Facebook Business )

This means that you are going to have to hit your customer and grab their attention within the first 2-3 lines OR you will lose them.

This is a pretty big change as current ads will be effected with the dimension change, they are not grandfathered in. If you have any ads in queue that are being designed make sure you let your designer know of this change. This design change will not be an issue with desktop newsfeed ads.

One of the reasons that this change is taking place, is so that when you are creating your ads in your Business Manager you can create a single image ad that will be able to be shown seamlessly on Desktop & Mobile displays. Previously you would have to create multiple images so that your desktop image would have a specific dimension and then your Instagram image would have a specific dimension and then your Facebook mobile display ad would have a specific dimension. By creating just 1 image dimension the ad creation process is much easier and can run much smoother (in the eyes of Facebook).

The date of this change will be August 19th.

What do you think? Big deal or whatever

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