Instagram Nametags are LIVE October 2018

Instagram NameTages are now live inside of your Instagram accounts. This is not just another “Snapchat Copy” move by Instagram either. This is their latest take on allowing a user and most importantly a business to have a user interact with a business. This move allows a business to post a sign IN STORE with a direct link to their IG account so both new and current customers are able to Follow the business account.

For those savvy marketers out there, this allows a new method of “Retargeting” of IG Ads.

Let me explain:

  • User scans the IG NameTag of the Business
  • User now views the profile of the Business on IG
  • The Business is creating a custom audience of those users which have engaged with their Business in X amount of days (up to 365 days on a rolling time period)
  • The Business has a retargeting ad set to run for 3 days from most recent engagement
  • The User is now targeted with the newest sale, content, information that the Business wants to put in front of them

We went ahead and provided some screenshots of how you as the Business owner can set up your NameTag. This can be found below.

We also went ahead and showed you how to allow the user to access how to engage with your NameTag. This can be found below as well.

When we look at LIKES/FOLLOWS on Facebook and Instagram it is best to look at those numbers as a vanity metric or a popularity contest. Due to the algorithm used by FB and IG your content is not being shown to ALL of your LIKES/FOLLOWERS anyway. In fact, it is more often than not about 10% or less that are actually seeing your content. The best way to target a WARM audience on IG and also FB is to create a custom audience of those that have engaged with your account within X amount of days. Create multiple custom audiences using this technique to target the user for different ads. If you want to take it up another notch, target these audiences but exclude those that have purchased. By doing this your advertising budgets are not being wasted by trying to sell to someone that has already purchased.

As Always if you have any questions about how to even set these custom audiences up feel free to reach out to us directly through the form below: