Generational breakdown across Social Media channels - ChairmanPromotions

We first came across this information at Social Media Today and thought we would be doing a disservice to our readers for not sharing this information. 

As much as this information can be useful for your specific industry, keep in mind these numbers are rather broad and you should take into account your current customer base as each industry is slightly different. There is no one size fits all in this field and what works for a specific industry in a specific geographical area may not work for your business in your area. These numbers and statistics are presented here as a broad piece of information. 

When you are putting together your marketing action plan and looking to determine which channels to allocate more of your advertising budget, keep this document handy to refer to but as always, use a best practice when allocating budget spend and the amount of time you spend on each network trying to reach your ideal customer. 

Thanks to the folks at Global Web Index for compiling this data.

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